Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is <distro> supported by asus-nb-ctrl?

A: Only Fedora 33 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed officially. Other distros may have packaging, or you will need to compile and install it yourself.

Q: It's not working!

A: Check the logs with sudo journalctl -b -u asusd and look for errors.

Q: There's an error like:

Error: D-Bus error: The name org.asuslinux.Daemon was not provided by any .service files (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown)

when I run asusctl <command>

A: The daemon isn't running, check the logs with sudo journalctl -b -u asusd and look for errors.

Q: Error is something about a keyboard?

A: Is the keyboard driver loaded? Use lsmod |grep rog to look for hid_asus_rog if it's not there the DKMS module may need to be forced rebuild and installed.

This is a common issue after kernel upgrades.

Q: I don't have profile or charge control

A: This is usually to do with the WMI driver. You will need to either install asus-rog-nb-wmi form that git repo or follow this guide.

If it is installed you may need to force rebuild the DKMS module, see further down.

Q: How do I set a custom fan curve?

A: First, this feature works only with AMD laptops currently. Second, you need the acpi_call kernel module installed, and lastly the format is shown here.

Q: FN+F5 doesn't do anything?

A: You need to map the key-combo to an action in your desktop, like this:

Q: Why did nvidia mode give me black screen?

A: This happens on AMD machines typically, if your machine is AMD then you need to add the following to run on graphical login:

xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0
xrandr --auto

there are many ways to do this so you will need to search for the right way for your login manager.


Q: My keyboard is not working with the driver?

A: You may have a different keyboard. Please request support in one of the related projects on gitlab, or in the discord server.

Q: Mic-Mute doesn't work?

A: The issue is that the current keycode being emitted by the driver is only recognised by Wayland. X11 and desktops using X11 require F20 to be emitted.

Create a file named /etc/udev/hwdb.d/90-nkey.hwdb with:

  KEYBOARD_KEY_ff31007c=f20 # x11 mic-mute

then update hwdb with:

sudo systemd-hwdb update
sudo udevadm trigger

Q: Can I customise the Fn key?

A: No, the key is on a physically different circuit and used to physically signal the keyboard EC to switch key circuits. There are three different circuits for the 0x8166 keyboard.

Q: I have a G14/G15 or other laptop where the Arrow keys are unmarked by emit keycodes, can I use these?

A: Yes

Q: Can I remap the arrow-keys?

A1: Yes, create a file named /etc/udev/hwdb.d/90-nkey.hwdb with:

  KEYBOARD_KEY_c00b6=kbdillumdown # Fn+F2 (music prev)
  KEYBOARD_KEY_c00b5=kbdillumup   # Fn+F4 (music skip)
  KEYBOARD_KEY_ff3100c5=pagedown  # Fn+Down
  KEYBOARD_KEY_ff3100c4=pageup    # Fn+Up
  KEYBOARD_KEY_ff3100b2=home      # Fn+Left
  KEYBOARD_KEY_ff3100b3=end       # Fn+Right

then update hwdb with:

sudo systemd-hwdb update
sudo udevadm trigger

You can see a list of keycodes here.

Q: How do I rebuild the DKMS modules


sudo dkms remove hid-asus-rog/0.6.0 --all
sudo dkms build hid-asus-rog/0.6.0
sudo dkms install hid-asus-rog/0.6.0

You will need to replace the 0.6.0 with the module version. To find the version try ls /usr/src/ and the number showing such as hid-asus-rog-0.6.0-1.1 is the version. So for the above commands here you would replace 0.6.0 with 0.6.0-1.1.

The same applies to hid-asus-rog.

Desktop Notifications

Q: How do I get feedback for Fn+Key presses?

A: asus-nb-ctrl comes with a notification daemon and service you can enable:

systemctl --user enable asus-notify.service
systemctl --user start asus-notify.service

this works fine for almost all desktops and provides basic notifications through dbus.

There is also:

AniMe Matrix Display