Potential. Unleashed.

Ultimate choice! The freedom of running Linux on your laptop no longer needs to be a compromise! With our powerful system tools, you can enjoy all the power and unique features of your Asus ROG laptop - without resorting to Windows. Experience ROG the way it was meant to be.


Keyboard Lighting

Whether your keyboard only has single zone or per-key RGB, you can get your favourite setting in just a few clicks

AniMe Matrix

If your notebook has an AniMe Matrix display, you can configure awesome custom animations to express yourself

Custom Fan Curves

Customise your fan curves based on profile, so you always have your preferred balance between fan noise and temperature

Easy Graphics Switching

Quickly switch between graphics modes - it's never been easier to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics

Dedicated VFIO Mode

If passing your GPU to a virtual machine is your idea of fun, our unique VFIO mode makes it easy to toggle - no more hardcoded kernel parameters!

AC Power Commands

With asusctl you can assign commands or scripts that run when either the system is connected or disconnected from AC power

Our Community

We believe that the key to any successful project is its community. We've created a laid-back space where Linux enthusiasts from anywhere in the world can come together. Whether you're a total newbie, an experienced power user, or anywhere in between, you can add to our community and make a difference.

Our success lies in our embrace of diversity and inclusivity. It doesnn't matter if you're a tinkerer, a coding prodigy, or just want to give a helping hand to less experienced users, your contribution matters. Our project is constantly evolving along with the new technology ASUS implements into ROG. Whether it's one conversation or one line of code, our combined expierence shapes the future of the project.

But it's not just about the project, it's about the people. More important that the project is the friendships and connects we make along the way. Need help tweaking your Linux configuration? Does learning Linux feel overwhelming? We've got your back. Feeling proud about a breakthrough in your code or just want to chat about the newest Linux advancements? We want to hear about it!

So come join us and help keep our community a friendly, welcoming place to talk about all things Linux (and more)!

Legal Matters

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The use of ROG and ASUS trademarks within this website and associated tools and libraries is only to provide a recognisable identifier to users to enable them to associate that these tools will work with ASUS ROG laptops.

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Purpose of the processing

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Data Matomo is processing

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Pick up the one you are using:

  • Cookies
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And also:

  • Date and time
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This list can be completed with additional features such as:

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