ASUS G14 Speaker Profiles

I've finished creating several speaker profiles for the ASUS G14 2022 model notebooks. I've actually been really impressed with the speaker EQ response in these notebooks, they're some of the best I've heard.

I previously owned a 2020 G14, which sounded amazing in Windows, but the speakers had a lot of problems. Specifically, I could hear resonances around 300 Hz and 800 Hz, the mid frequencies were very up and down, and there was strong emphasis around 6000 Hz which makes sibilants ('s' and 'sh') sound very harsh especially with some speakers and YouTube.

The position of the speakers in the 2022 G14 are also much better. The biggest problem I had with the 2020 models was a profile would sound great on a desk, but as soon as I moved the notebook to my lap it sounded awful!

With the 2022 model, I haven't had to make any of these compromises, which has been great.

You can try the new profiles here:

🔗Linux vs. Windows

One thing that really surprised me is, to my ears, these sound a lot better than Dolby Atmos in Windows. I actually suspect ASUS didn't have Dolby recreate a profile specifically for the 2022 G14 models, though the speakers behave quite differently (either because they're a different model of speaker, or due to the new positioning). As a result, Dolby on my 2020 sounded a lot better than the new model. I'm curious to hear what everyone else's experience has been.

🔗Laptop body resonance

One last note, and this may be because I've had the laptop open, I'm getting some bass resonance on the top left speaker. It might need some stabilisation or damping around it. This is not an uncommon problem in laptops. Once I get around to it I will post a tutorial. Whether it's intended or not, the frame of the laptop becomes part of the speaker in a laptops. This is true in most speaker applications: Speakers are often coupled to a surface unless you've specifically decoupled them. As such having a stable transfer of energy from the speakers to the laptop body is important.

🔗Final thoughts

I've created several profiles which are useful for me, and named them by their CPU usage as well. Hopefully this helps someone, and hopefully, you'll be able to get better sound than out of Windows 😊.

Let me know what you think in the (Discord)[].

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