August 2022 Update

Transmission begins: Hi, fluke here!

This is a fairly quick update. I've begun submitting a number of patches upstream to the Linux kernel.

🔗Add support for dGPU-only mode

This is specific to only a very small selection of laptops. The one I know of so far is the GX502 series which is a couple years old now - this model advertises the feature as G-Sync mode. And the GZ301 which advertises it as "a dedicated MUX Switch". The G713Q has the methods, but they don't actually do anything (in the DSDT dump I examined).

The purpose of this feature is to make the dGPU the only GPU, thus the machines boot with it as default, and the iGPU is not visible.

Toggling on requires a reboot and nothing else (in default Nvidia installs).

lkml patch link

🔗Add support for TUF laptop keyboard states


This was initially a full patch of RGB support along with states. However the RGB support needs to use the multicolour LED API in the kernel so this part has been split out. What's left is support for the keyboard power states:

/sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/tuf_krgb_state_index provides labels for the index fields as "save boot awake sleep keyboard"

/sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/tuf_krgb_state has the following as input options via boolean "b b b b b":

  • Save or set, if set, then settings revert on cold boot
  • Boot, if true, the keyboard displays animation on boot
  • Awake, if true, the keyboard LED's are on while device is awake
  • Sleep, if true, the keyboard shows animation while device is suspended
  • Keybaord, appears to have no effect

lkml path link

🔗Add support for TUF laptop keyboard modes plus RGB

Adds support for TUF laptop RGB control. This adds a multicolor LED device, and two sysfs paths for extra feature control.

/sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/tuf_krgb_mode_index provides labels for the index fields as "save mode speed"

/sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/tuf_krgb_mode has the following as input options via U8 "n n n":

  • Save or set, if set, then settings revert on cold boot
  • Mode, 0 = Static, 1 = Breathe, 2 = Colour cycle, 3 = Pulse
  • Speed, 0 = Slow, 1 = Medium, 2 = Fast

lkml path link

🔗Add support for ROG X13 tablet mode

This was originally a full patch by IvanDovgal which I've taken the liberty of cleaning up and splitting in to the relevant modules it touches so that the two halves can be submitted to the right mailing lists. I've also made the DMI match more generic since all the base models (model defined as GV301xy, where x is generation, y is variant) will need this feature.

Does what it says on the tin - 4 orientations when physically rotated.

lkml patch link

🔗Add keyguard for ASUS ROG X13 tablet

Part of Ivan's patch above. This is the seond half, and is in an area I've not touched before so hopefully I've cleaned it up well enough. It enables the keyguard feature when screen is folded back.

lkml patch link

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