Build a fedora kernel: Updated

The primary source of information on building a custom kernel in fedora is here. This post will step you through that with an additional step to add the patches you may need.

🔗Get the source

First, where-ever you feel like, clone the kernel packaging source, for example:

cd ~ && mkdir projects && cd ~/projects
fedpkg clone -a kernel

Then cd in to the new directory and checkout the required branch matching the fedora release number you need:

cd ~/projects/kernel
git checkout origin/f36

To save work with git (not a compulsory step, but will help with updating), do:

git checkout -b patch-f36
git branch -u origin/f36

🔗Prepare for build

🔗Install deps


sudo dnf install fedpkg fedora-packager rpmdevtools ncurses-devel pesign grubby
sudo dnf builddep kernel.spec

🔗Edit kernel.spec

In kernel.spec is where you will do most of the work, so open up that file in your favourite text editor which is vim and search for this line:

# define buildid .local

and replace it with:

%define buildid .local

then a few hundred or so lines further down the file you will find a block like this:

%if !%{nopatches}

Patch1: patch-%{patchversion}-redhat.patch

This is where you will need to add patches, an example is adding the asus-hid driver patch required for ASUS laptops with the 0x1866 device (N-Key Keyboard). So below the line above add:

%if !%{nopatches}

Patch1: patch-%{patchversion}-redhat.patch

# ROG Laptops
Patch500: 0001-WMI-asus-Reduce-G14-and-G15-match-to-min-product-nam.patch
Patch501: 0001-HID-asus-Filter-keyboard-EC-for-old-ROG-keyboard.patch
Patch502: 0001-HID-asus-Add-support-for-2021-ASUS-N-Key-keyboard.patch

and lastly, the patches must be in the same directory as kernel.spec

You need to also add them before the # END OF PATCH APPLICATIONS line in the existing block like-so:

%if !%{nopatches}

ApplyOptionalPatch patch-%{patchversion}-redhat.patch

ApplyOptionalPatch 0001-WMI-asus-Reduce-G14-and-G15-match-to-min-product-nam.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch 0001-HID-asus-Filter-keyboard-EC-for-old-ROG-keyboard.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch 0001-HID-asus-Add-support-for-2021-ASUS-N-Key-keyboard.patch

and then build using fedpkg --release f36 local --without debug --without debuginfo --with release (remember to replace f36 with the branch you checked out).

To customize a kernel, edit kernel-local for example:

If building from a third-party repo you may require --name kernel --namespace rpms (after fedpkg).

# This file is intentionally left empty in the stock kernel. Its a nicety
# added for those wanting to do custom rebuilds with altered config opts.


All the rpm packages will be located in ~/projects/kernel/x86_64/, it's likely that you will need to install all except the debug packages.


If you have any work to save, git commit it, or git stash.

git pull

then git stash pop if you stashed work.

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