Asusctl and Supergfxctl on NixOS

🔗Supergfxctl and Asusctl on NixOS

This guide expects some previous knowledge about NixOS and it's configuration system.

Please note that NixOS in not officially supported by these projects, and any issues specific to them shall be reported on the nixpkgs's GitHub page.



In order to install supergfxctl add to your configuration:

services.supergfxd.enable = true;


Recently, there were some issues with this module not allowing supergfxctl to detect the graphics card.

Try running supergfxctl -S

If it fails know that a fix is on the way, but until it gets merged you can add this line to make it work: = [ pkgs.pciutils ];

🔗Asusctl and ROG control center


ROG Control Center is included in the asusctl module, so you only have to add to the configuration file:

services = {
    asusd = {
      enable = true;
      enableUserService = true;

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