Misc Information

🔗 2021 Ryzen G14/G15

iGPU Off: Using Microsoft Hybrid Graphics mode, discrete Graphics priority first.

iGPU On: The system will disable the discrete GPU,and only use internal GPU.

Auto: When the external display is not used for output purposes "iGPU mode" will be turned on automatically in battery mode, and will automatically turm off when your computer is connected to a power source.

iGPU On: carries across boots and disables the dGPU. As such this will impact hybrid and nvidia graphics modes in Linux. The method of turning it on and off is an ACPI call and a kernel patch is in progress.

🔗 2020 G14/G15 experiencing random sound issues

Typically after a Windows boot. The windows driver sets up the Realtek codec chip a particular way which isn't replicated exactly in the Linux kernel driver for it yet. You will need to do a cold boot by powering off and unplugging for a minute or so - if this doesn't solve it then a hard power-off in Linux by holding the power-button until powered off may help.